11 September 1967
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I'm a musician obsessed by CSI, particularly CSI:Miami, and particularly Ryan Wolfe, the most beautiful criminalist in the world. Noone I know wants to discuss my interests in the depth I'd like to, so I'm looking on the internet for people as ... interested as me.

My journal contains all of my fanfic, which is mostly Ryan/Eric, although there is the occasional foray into various threesomes. Avoid the fanfic if you don't like slash. That's all I can say.

There are also piles and piles of icons, banners and wallpapers. You're welcome to snag anything you like, and I'm also happy to make anything on request, but I like to be credited when my work is used. And comments make me very happy!

I also maintain 10_titles, a fic community - not necessarily just CSI or just slash - where you pick a title table and write a fic/drabble/ficlet for each title. Please visit and investigate!