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23 July 2014 @ 12:09 pm

I'm still alive, despite having been suspiciously quiet for some time. Well, ok, years. I have been struggling on the depression front, but after a change of meds, I feel a little communicative again, so here goes!

I'd like to start writing again - I enjoyed that so much - but I don't really know what about, because I've gone right off CSI. So I'll just ramble for a bit.

My aim for this summer holiday is to be a little bit productive every day. It helps in climbing out of the depression pit. So far today, I have painted the shed. It's now Ginger Cat colour, and so am I.

I know it's been done properly, because we were supervised.

That's Penny. Nosy cat in chief.

Also today, our new sofa arrived! And it's just as lovely as I remember it being when we chose it. Thank goodness for that! Really comfy too, which is an improvement on the old one.

Now, I'm off out for lunch and I think I deserve it! (I got the laundry done and hung out too. Yay, me!)

This is the first time I've used my iPhone app to post here, I think. Convenient. Must do it again.