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28 April 2012 @ 08:09 pm
Little Crochet Creatures  
My holiday crochet, plus some other projects, all finished at once. Warning - big pictures. I couldn't get it to work any other way. *is puzzled*

Here's Baby Elephant with Mummy Elephant. So cute! Mummy was a commission from a friend for her daughter's birthday, and Baby is my gift to her daughter.

And then there's Sweetheart Ted. I made most of this bear while I was on my way home from the Lake District. I wasn't driving. *jk* I like the way the colour-changing yarn works on the bear.

Grunge Bunny. I wanted to see if I could make rabbit ears and tail for the same body as the ted pattern, and it worked really well.

Star Trek Ted. For my stepson's birthday. He ordered it specially. He's going to be 36. *is saying nothing*

The three of them together. *squees*

My other experiments during the holiday. Some prototype stitches for a bag I'm making for the lovely lausi_gm.

And here's the yarn I'm going to use - fabulous colours! I can't stop admiring them.

There are some more pics and ramblings on my blogspot. Go here to have a look - clicky. There's a link to my shop on there too, and Grunge Bunny and Sweetheart Ted are there, looking for new homes.

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alligator138alligator138 on May 2nd, 2012 03:44 pm (UTC)
The teds are sweet, aren't they? And the Star Trek ted too. He has a lovely shelf unit in his bathroom in his apartment, meant for lovely bottles & soaps. It displays his collection of Dr Who figures. 'nuff said.

The bag is progressing well. The colours balance really well - good choice! It feels good too. A good type of yarn for a bag. I've taken some pics, and I hope to post them tomorrow so you can have a look. I have had to tinker with the size a little so it's 14 inches by about 12. I'll explain that in the post. The project's lots of fun! Thanks for the commission!