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18 February 2012 @ 05:42 pm
Is it me?  
Is it me, or is everyone's life weird?

I shut my leg in the back door yesterday. Stupid, isn't it? I tripped over the doorstep, fell inwards, and because I was holding the handle, the door slammed on the leg that was still outside. I said some naughty words. There's a lovely big bruise now, and I'm wearing little shoes because boots hurt, even though it's been pelting down with rain today. >_<

And I seem to be stalked by a bagpipe player. A couple of days ago in a local town centre, and today in Birmingham. He waits until I get close, but not noticing him, and then he starts up and makes me jump. He's definitely following me round.

The technology's fighting back too. We bought a new doorbell - wireless, so we can just stick the bellpush outside and have a moveable bell indoors. It's a cheapish one, with only one ringtone. Supposedly. It's played me at least half a dozen tunes - Twinkle Twinkle, Big Ben chimes, the Grand Old Duke of York, something classical, and a couple of others. And we haven't even put the bellpush out yet! It seems to be picking up the signal from someone else's doorbell. We had to take the batteries out in the end. Give up on that one.

And I had to desqueak Hattie's mouse. It was supposed to squeak when it was touched. Great!, we thought. Keep the cat amused. I pulled the tag out of the battery to activate it, and it started squeaking. And squeaking. And squeaking. Hattie was most bemused for a while, then even she got fed up with it. I had to pull it to bits to stop the noise.

Is it just me? Am I a disaster area? My comfort is that my best friend is even worse than me. Every time we meet, coffee flies. We have to go out with a change of clothes.

On a brighter note, (I think) my crochet elephants seem set to sell. Prices are still low, so if anyone fancies a bid... Link here. I'll be sad to see them go.

Current Mood: ditzyditzy
persikay: Holmes & Watsonpersikay on February 19th, 2012 10:03 am (UTC)
LOL! The mental image of the bagpipe player following you around...

Perhaps it's just one of those weeks? Maybe next week the bagpipe player and technical annoyances will move on to someone else.

(Oh, and I saw in your other post your elephants sold! Woohoo!)
alligator138: Yellow flowersalligator138 on February 20th, 2012 01:21 pm (UTC)
It was definitely one of those weeks. This week, I'm going back to work after a period off sick, so things had better get better. Falling over doorsteps and suchlike get applause in schools... Not to mention being followed round by a bagpiper!

And my little ellies sold! But there are people interested in commissioning some. Yay! Custom ellies!