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10 August 2011 @ 11:13 am
I love my dentist!

I've just come home from an appointment, and my teeth are all sorted out. Heaven!

They're not fantastic teeth - full of fillings, getting oldish - but I take care of them as well as I can. This year, with everything that's been going on at work, I've found myself clenching my teeth a lot. Once I realised, I made a big effort not to, but it's not always easy, especially when you do it in your sleep. I think I managed to dislodge a filling near the back at some time, which allowed infection in and made a cavity underneath the filling. It felt really horrible and built up towards the end of term.

I managed to get an appointment in the last week of term, with my own dentist's partner because my lovely dentist was on holiday. This dentist found the problem, drilled out the old filling and put in a temporary one. Relieved the problem straightaway. I've just been in this morning for a general check-up, and my own dentist replaced the temporary filling and fixed another one, all in the same appointment. No need to make more appointments, all done! Yay!

He's a bit of a strange man, very jovial, full of jokes. There's a TV in the corner of the room, angled so the patient can see it, and he chats away about the programmes while he works. I'm allowed to swear at him, he says, but I don't want to. He's lovely. I was thinking about it on the way home, and I think what it is is that he makes me feel safe. I trust him. Drilling, filling, injections, whatever. I'm fine with it, and his light-hearted manner reassures me.

So, I'm all sorted for another 9 months. I am so happy!