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17 April 2011 @ 08:07 pm
Not dead yet...  
I am still alive, despite having written 93 reports in the last two days. Only 20 more to go - yay!

There are some dead plants at the end of our close, however. I live down at the end of a close with a little bit of green ground at the very end, with a little railing fencing it off from the alleyway. Sometimes kids gather there and sit on the railing to chat. Not often - it's a very quiet close.

From time to time, my neighbours have planted things along this railing, possibly to deter people from sitting on it. These things have never lasted long. I don't know whether the council have sprayed the ground to stop weeds growing there, or maybe dogs weeing on it have made the soil inhospitable.

Recently my neighbour planted three unhealthy-looking plants along the railing. They died. Brown and crispy.

I would be inclined to take dead plants out of the ground. I didn't like to say anything to the neighbours because I thought they might be embarrassed by the plants, but I came home yesterday, and they've put more in! They didn't take the dead ones out. No, brown crispy plants are lined up with unhealthy-looking plants. Why? Why not take dead plants out? Why put more dying ones in?

It all looks so funny, I'm tempted to take a picture of them, but I don't want my neighbours to see me making fun of their dead plant arrangement. I have to live next door to them, after all. Maybe I'll wait until they've gone to work before I go out with the camera... It really is priceless.


Edited to include picture of dead bushes. It's not very good because I took it surreptitiously with my phone, but it's still obvious they're dead. *rolls eyes*

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alligator138: Chin skritchalligator138 on April 18th, 2011 01:33 pm (UTC)
They looked unhappy when they first appeared. That's what's so weird about it. They were past redemption then. Duh!

Ooo! House project? Exciting! And your neighbour's dog approves too, evidently. Your house is now appropriate territory.

Our builders left one night, having laid cement round the drain-hole on the patio. What did they find the next morning? A drain-hole surrounded by paw-prints, of course. Permanently decorated now.

We have just bought some tomato plants and herbs for the garden, and Himself is digging the veggie patch again. Here's hoping for carrots longer than two inches...
persikay: Holmes & Watsonpersikay on April 18th, 2011 04:12 pm (UTC)
LOL, oh dear... those plants look rather pitiful. Maybe your neighbours thought they'd recover miraculously??

Hm, which reminds me, I really need to start getting my little balcony-garden ready.
gatekeeper1324 on April 18th, 2011 07:43 pm (UTC)
May be they just don't know how to take care of plants! Not everyone is green fingered!