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01 February 2011 @ 11:29 am
Hi there!  
Hi! I've been kind of quiet for a while. I think it's finally happened.

I've fallen out of love with CSI. Even with Ryan, I think. The material he's got to work with is so bad, it makes Ryan a different character to the one we first met. For a long time, the Ryan I've written is a different one to the one on the show.

Now, I can't really be bothered to watch. I quite like CSI LV still, but can't be bothered with NY, and Miami is painful to watch. There was a time I could name any episode by the outfits and a vague description, but now it's a miracle if I can remember what happened right after I've finished watching. Not good.

I have to admit that the few things I've heard about Jon Togo aren't really things I like much. Smoking, yuck! Beating up his (much younger) girlfriend, allegedly. If he did that, I don't want anything to do with him, let alone gazing at his pic like a love-struck teenager. And I have done that, I confess.

I think it's over, though, and I'm sad. I'm halfway through a fic which might or might not get finished. I still like doing icons and wps, but what of now? I'll mull it over for a while and get back on that.

In the meantime, there's a new layout. Possibly temporary, but we'll see. I don't want to stop lj-ing, because I've met some lovely people here. You're great! A little bit of quiet time, I think, then I'll be back. *does Arnie impression*

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slothy_girlslothy_girl on February 20th, 2011 04:53 am (UTC)
Aw, that really sucks and I hate how far the show has fallen- I really dont like it when that happens D:

You could always try Hawaii Five-0 :) it's like a mash up of CSI, NCIS, and it's loosely based off a show from the 80s-90s that went by the same name. It's only just getting to episode 18, so it should be easy to catch up- and what's awesome is that the two main guys are already practically MARRIED- yes, that's right- MARRIED! Not really, because CBS would have a hernia, but CBS not only allows the writers to write A LOT of fan service, but they made a video that said and I quote "dont call it a bromance"

The characters have so much chemistry it's unbelieveable, Danny and Steve are just so adorable and MARRIED even tho they're not *sigh*

Anyway- I hope your loss of CSI: Miami and others wont stop you from writing. As many people have commented before me, you are an extremely talented writer, and your stories really contain those emotional impacts most writers take a life time to achieve.

Good luck though :) and seriously, if you ever have a spare minute or is just plain curious? Check out Hawaii Five-0 if you havent already :D (and just so you know, it plays at 10 PM on Mondays ;)
alligator138: Feeling weirdalligator138 on March 3rd, 2011 08:54 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your kind words. It's lovely to know so many people rate my writing. I've got a kind of outline for a book I might write one day, so watch out! My lifestyle is going to have to change first though. I have noooo writing time!

I remember Hawaii 5-0 from the first time round. Not sure I could take it seriously again. Great music though!
Lathan Loverlathan_lover on May 4th, 2011 11:51 pm (UTC)
It's so sad to see you loosing interest in writing Eric/Ryan fanfic. You're an excellent writer and I hate to see someone's interest in a fandom go because the show has turned into such crap.

I've been a Hardy Boys fan ever since Jon Togo joined the show, but even I'm finding the direction the show is going in attrocious.

I didn't know that Jon "allegedly" beat up his girlfriend. I knew that he smoked and that he was arrested, but not for what.